Best holiday gifts for next-gen gamers

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When you have a next-gen gamer family member or friend, then you’re going to have to find some very cool gifts…

if you’re going to see some smiles when the presents are unwrapped this year. What’s truly unique about the gift ideas for these recipients is that they’re typically completely digital. This means that you might need to get creative when you place something in the stocking, as a companion app doesn’t exactly lend itself to wrapping paper.

Companion gaming is extremely hot right now and two of the most wanted companion apps for next-gen gamers this year are The Division and Destiny.

The Division is Ubisoft’s “simultaneous and asymmetric” companion app that is based on a Tom Clancy novel under the same title. Within the game, you’re a drone who can join a team of your friends through the use of a smartphone or tablet, at any hour, in any place.

On the other hand, Destiny is from Bungie and it lets you use your mobile device to connect you to “your Destiny adventure, wherever life finds you”. Keep up with your team and monitor your guardian’s stats through smartphone or tablet.Mogix External Battery Charger

Of course, if you’re hoping to give something other than a card with a description of an awesome app in it when Christmas morning comes around, then you will likely want to look for some awesome accessories that will keep your gamer doing what he or she loves best – playing!

Aside from the smartphone or tablet, itself, the next best thing on the list of cool gifts that you can give is an external battery charger. Not only does a backup battery pack ensure that the mobile device will never run out of juice, but it also means that you’ll have something fantastic to wrap up, stick with a bow, and place under the tree for gamers who love the very latest tech.

For the next gen player, a little “lipstick” battery charger won’t be enough. Look for something more substantial like the Mogix 10,400 mAh external battery charger. When it comes to amazing tech gift ideas, this one tops the list. It will allows for five or six full charges of even the largest smartphone batteries, and can even handle a few tablet charges, too. All in a device that is slim, lightweight and faster than an electrical wall socket.

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