Apple lawsuit filed by customers with slowed iPhones

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Smartphone owners with models owner than the iPhone 8 are experiencing a deliberate slowdown. Many iPhone owners are not thrilled with their device maker and two separate versions of a class action Apple lawsuit have been filed. These legal actions were taken by a total of five iPhone owners who didn’t appreciate their slow smartphones. Apple had deliberately slowed the processors of devices with older batteries in order to preserve them. The Apple lawsuit isn’t over something that the iPhone maker denies doing. In fact, Apple openly admits to slowing…

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Best holiday gifts for next-gen gamers

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When you have a next-gen gamer family member or friend, then you’re going to have to find some very cool gifts… if you’re going to see some smiles when the presents are unwrapped this year. What’s truly unique about the gift ideas for these recipients is that they’re typically completely digital. This means that you might need to get creative when you place something in the stocking, as a companion app doesn’t exactly lend itself to wrapping paper. Companion gaming is extremely hot right now and two of the most…

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Mobile devices will undergo considerable evolution by 2019

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Some of the latest data from ABI Research has shown that there will be an overhaul of 8 billion gadgets by then. ABI Research recently released the results of its analysis which has led them to predict that the by the year 2019, the installed base of various types of mobile devices – such as smartphones, feature phones, tablets, wearables, and even notebooks – will have broken the 8 billion mark. They also pointed out that this will provide a massive installed base for charging solutions and rechargeable batteries, themselves.…

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