Meta artificial intelligence Emu Edit and Emu Videos tools launch

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The social media platforms company has rolled out the AI tools for Facebook and Instagram posting.

In mid-November, Meta Platforms announced the launch of two new features using artificial intelligence to edit videos that users can then post to Facebook or Instagram.

The first feature is called Emu Video and produces 4-second videos for users to share.

Emu Video uses artificial intelligence to pair a description with an image or photo with a caption prompt.

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The second feature is called Emu Edit, which gives users the opportunity to easily edit or change videos using text prompts.

Both of the newly launched Meta tools are a component of the Emu model that turns text prompts into images. They bring together generative AI tech and certain Instagram editing tools that make it possible to alter the background or visual style of a picture.

Meta has been moving rapidly forward to plunge into AI, turning the technology into one of its biggest areas of focus, particularly following the massively successful launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in 2022. It has been looking to this tech to help it become a direct rival of other giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

The artificial intelligence tools are meant to be exceptionally easy for people to use.

While Emu Edit has been compared to the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop (Adobe), users don’t need to manually select what they are seeking to change. All they need to do is describe it to the tool, which will understand what the user wants and automatically make the changes. For instance, in a picture of a person in front of a landscape, a user can simply type “remove the person” and, without having to click anything, the AI will understand the request and will cut the person out of the image.

The idea behind Emu Video is similar, only it is for video editing instead of still pictures. It uses text prompts to tell the artificial intelligence software what changes are wanted. According to the company, it is a vast improvement over the formerly released Make-A-Video AI video generator feature.

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