Wonder Togs unveils kids’ clothes with built-in NFC technology

NFC Technology in clothes - Wonder Togs - Image Source - Wonder Togs YouTube

Just in time for the holiday season this year, near field communication is installed in kids wear.

On the cusp of the holiday shopping season in 2023, Wonder Togs is launching their debut product, which is children’s clothing with NFC technology.

The product is called Talkin’ Tees and is meant to be a high-tech addition to kids’ fashion.

The US-based company has made their NFC technology clothes for kids out of US-sourced organic cotton. They’re meant to be a new form of wearable technology that provides educational opportunities for kids between the ages of two and six years old.

NFC Technology - Meet Wonder Togs - Image Source - Wonder Togs YouTube
Wonder Togs – Image Source: Wonder Togs YouTube

At the heart of the Talkin’ Tees is their Wonder Patch, which is sewn right into the lower part of the shirt. When combined with the use of a near field communication-enabled smartphone or tablet, tapping the patch provides a musical and educational experience.

At first launch, the only devices that will activate the Wonder Patch and display their content on their screens are iPhones that are iOS11 compatible. That said, there aren’t any apps that need to be installed in order to view the content. It is unclear as to if or when the same opportunity will become available to Android-based device users.

The NFC technology allows the Talkin’ Tees to provide kids with more fun and learning experiences.

Once the interactive tech has been activated with a tap, the child will be able to listen to two original songs, which include “Dance Like an Alligator”. After the song has played, Popsicle Penguin, their host, displays animated facts that are fun for kids to discover. This gives kids a fun and quirky way to wear their entertainment and education features.

The first collection launched by the brand features three fun and adorable animal characters. These are Ali Gator, Kiki Koala, and Gerry Giraffe. The shirts are organic cotton from the United States, are sustainably packaged, and have unisex sixing from 2 to 6. They are available on the company’s official website.

To create the experiences behind the NFC technology embedded clothing, Wonder Togs worked with a number of songwriters, performers and producers from the Nashville area. The company has already announced that it has plans to expand its offering to include backpacks and pajamas.

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