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The educational institutions along with corporate entities as one of the vital tools of candidate skills and be it student learning. Considering the future of online learning no doubts to the fact that proctoring services might be the future of learning. In fact online education is one of the trending topics of 2020. There is a need to go through the features and have an idea on what makes it really special. Let us now flip through some of the feature of an online examination software.

Registration and planning in an automatic manner

The first major step for conducting any type of exam is online registration and categorization of the candidates. Once you are conducting large scale exams it might go on to become messy if proper candidate centric features are not part of the exam. Hence this works out to be a vital step during which processing of applications becomes important and there is a need to manage candidates in groups and generation of time table is important.

Assessment creation

The creation of assessment is the starting step towards your idea of an assessment. Here the test taker might find themselves in a position to figure out a test pattern where they go on to organize the assessment in an interactive manner. The moment you go on to select the test template other patterns are added to the same.

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The selection and marking of the questions and answers

How credible and effective the assessment works out is dependent upon the question quality. Normally an online exam platform comes with 9 basic type of questions and they go on to follow a series of patterns to be precise. Such a combination of questions would be of immense help to bring out the variety when it comes to the text format. Even the onus is on the text taker as they can add multi media images, graphs, videos or mathematical images.

Assigning levels and marks

The deployment of marks scheme has to take place properly during an online exam. For later generation it helps in automatic detection of test results. On an online platform you might stumble upon numerous schemes like negative marking or it can be a decimal marking. So as to strength the test format defining of difficulty level works out to be another important step. Even it is possible to integrate them with the features available in the test creation module.

Test taking options at a customized level

During the course of an online customized exam there are various options and this appears to be on top of the list. The creator of the test is in a position to customize the test taking module so as to customize the candidate’s requirements. With the help of customization you can change the text colors along with fonts whereby you define the front and the forth buttons. Even adding calculator work out to be some of the prominent features during the course of this test.

Assignments and assigning them in an easy way

Once the creation of an assessment test is over it is necessary that you take them to the test takers. In fact the assignment tests have to be flexible and easy for an administrator to opt. it is possible to share the test with the help of a link that is possible to be sent by an email or you can dish them in groups.

Compatible with the feature of a learning management module

A lot of schools, colleges along with educational hubs have already gone on to culminate a LMS hub and are looking to cash in on an online examination module with the same. Such a seamless integration allows the administrator to manage their content along with assessments and all this is possible from a single location.

Active notifications

By the help of this feature the test takers along with the instructors are notified about the happenings on a real time basis. The best part is that these notifications are available on all the platforms that is the mobile, web or be it an app. Even the interface of the test taker is going to have a separate section that could indicate lined or mixed up tests.

Online proctoring at an advanced level.

The concept of proctoring services has gone on to set new benchmarks in the domain of online exams. In the present day context the software of remote proctoring is in major demand. A major reason could be that you might be able to combine it with an exam software. In fact some of the prominent features like standardization of questions along with options and be it generating a unique question format every year works out to be the key.

If a live proctor goes on to monitor the test it is possible to detect any type of misconduct at the end of a candidate. All this is possible only if you have a live proctoring tool in place.

Instant evaluation

No way denying the fact it works out to be one of the notable features of resorting to an online examination test. In fact it is going to take out the manual component in a test since the entire process works out to be automated. When it is a manual evaluation there is bound to mistakes that might crop up every now and then an online examination works out to be the most common way of coding the tests. Even a detailed test report is possible at the end of an exam.


The report that is generated at the end of the test goes on to become the mapping of the score of the candidate. Here it goes on to contain multiple parameters on which the candidate are judged. Even a simple presentation of the scores does not work out to be a solution like a visual dashboard is going to do. You can transfer the scores or even in a format of your choice.

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