QR codes featured on Scan Fusor products from LORD Corporation

Scanning QR codes

The organization has linked the barcodes to instructional videos and additional information. The manufacturer of Fusor Automotive Repair Adhesives, LORD Corporation, has just announced that it will be expanding the way in which it uses QR codes, by adding them to many of their product labels. This is meant to help customers to better inform themselves about the products. The QR codes provide smartphone users with a fast and easy way to gain information about the products that are available, learn more about how the products can be used, determine…

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The world’s first interactive music video

Shin-B QR Code Video

Marketers all over the wolrd have been focusing on tapping into the growing mobile consumer base. As mobile devices come to establish a new standard for customer experience, marketers have been incorporating new ways to provide dynamic content. Typically, the attention of mobile users is seized by QR codes. The codes have played a pivatol role in the emergence of the mobile marketing industry. There are those that have been slow to incorporate QR codes, however, as they have long been considered a marketing medium limited to print material. The…

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