Wearable technology health tracking may come at a cost to privacy

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While smartwatches, wristbands, and other wearables assist in monitoring our fitness, security is an issue. Along with the unveiling of the Apple Watch has come a massive influx of interest in wearable technology, which was a category that had been struggling to truly draw the attention of consumers as a whole, until that point. However, as much as these gadgets could assist in tracking for health care purposes, they are not perfect. The Apple Watch, for example, is going to be released with a new type of health focused mobile…

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Wearable technology will notably increase data usage by 2018

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A new report from Cisco has pointed out that mobile networks will experience increased strain from wearables. Cisco has now released its “Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2013-2018” report, which has included a number of predictions as to the impact that wearable technology will have on the mobile networks. The firm has forecasted that by 2018, there will be 177 million wearables that will be connected to networks. That will be a tremendous rise from the 22 million wearable technology gadgets that were tallied last year.…

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Wearable technology and regulation

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Wearable devices are becoming more common Wearable technology is beginning to play a bigger role in society. Smartwatches and high-tech jewelry are becoming more common, but are still somewhat rare in many parts of the world. In many cases, these devices are used to sustain a constant connection to the digital world via social media, email, and messaging services. As wearable technology becomes more common, a new problem is arising: Many people that use wearable devices are experiencing harassment for doing so. The clearest cases of harassment of those using…

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