Facebook expands partnership with Shopify to promote social commerce

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Companies to work together to make social commerce more prominent Facebook has expanded its partnership with Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, in order to allow users to use the social network to serve as a digital store. The social network has been working to find a foothold in the mobile commerce space for some years now, but has been unable to do so due to failed initiatives in the past. Facebook’s with Shopify, however, has proven to be relatively successful, thus far. Shopify Facebook Store will provide merchants with a…

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E-commerce platform Shopify prepares to launch IPO

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Shopify has announces plans to launch IPO on New York Stock Exchange Shopify, an e-commerce platform based in Canada, has announced its plans to become a public company. The organization aims to raise some $100 million through an initial public offering (IPO) with the list name “SHOP” on the New York Stock Exchange. Shopify has release information concerning its operations ahead of the IPO, hoping that this information will generate some hype behind the company’s entry into the stock market. Shopify provides information concerning growth over recent years According to…

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Social commerce firm gains momentum through partnership with Facebook

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Ecwid successfully raises $5 million in funding Ecwid, a prominent social commerce platform, has announced that it has raised $5 million during its latest round of funding. Both iTech Capital and Runa Capital lead the most recent round of funding, showing strong support for Ecwid and its approach to the evolving commerce landscape. Ecwid specializes in making e-commerce possible through social networks, creating a more social environment for shoppers. This is becoming particularly important as consumers become more mobile and base much of their shopping behavior on what they see…

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Top Trends in Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

It’s estimated that over two-thirds of smartphone owners now use their mobile device to shop online, according to a survey from eDigitalResearch. As mobile commerce continues to increase each year, safer and more convenient mobile payment options have arisen as a result. The following are a few key trends in this department to keep an eye on. The Mobile Wallet One of the technologies that are growing in leaps and bounds is the concept of the mobile wallet. At the moment, there is no standard version of this service, but…

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