QR code makes a Halloween Costume Ball splash

Halloween QR Code Press Scan Me

The annual event from Calavera Tequila and LAArtsOnline.com generated a large number of scans. The annual Halloween Costume Ball sponsored by Calavera Tequila and LAArtsOnline.com was a supreme hit once again this year, as more than 500 people were in attendance and, among them, many were using their smartphones to scan QR code displays on ads, and even on one very special costume worn by one of our very own. As this costume made its way through the packed crowd, partygoers didn’t hesitate to scan. The party was held at…

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10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

qr code marketing

If you are not aware of what a QR code is then… it is a two dimensional barcode, also referred to as a “Quick Response Code”. The code can be scanned by a Smartphone camera for transferring the information directing onto your phone. QR codes can be used to redirect the user to a website, deliver a vCard and even make a phone call. You can also paste the QR codes at different places, for instance, if the QR codes are applied on the Dell Vouchers, people will get the…

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