Samsung virtual reality could mean the end of the traditional bedtime story

samsung virtual reality headset gear

Will this VR technology one day take over this parent-child bonding time as the electronics giant suggests? “The future of children’s bedtime” in the form of a mobile app with Samsung virtual reality stories has now been unveiled with the goal of giving kids a much more three dimensional version of the tales they once had to imagine in their minds. The Bedtime VR Stories app has been created with the purpose of underscoring the importance of story time. However, as much as the Samsung virtual reality experience was unveiled…

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Mobile technology is becoming a new babysitter for parents

mobile technology kids children

The results of a recent study have shown that kids are often handed smartphones and tablets to keep them quiet. As smartphones and tablets become a regular part of our daily lives, these various forms of mobile technology are starting to be used by parents on an increasing basis, often to help to keep those children calm, says the results of new research. This study placed the spotlight on the reason parents are using smartphones and tablets with their kids. It was conducted by researchers at the C.S. Mott Children’s…

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