Mobile technology is becoming a new babysitter for parents

mobile technology kids children

The results of a recent study have shown that kids are often handed smartphones and tablets to keep them quiet.

As smartphones and tablets become a regular part of our daily lives, these various forms of mobile technology are starting to be used by parents on an increasing basis, often to help to keep those children calm, says the results of new research.

This study placed the spotlight on the reason parents are using smartphones and tablets with their kids.

It was conducted by researchers at the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan. Leading the study was Dr. Jenny Radesky, a pediatrician. Dr. Radesky explained that the parents who participated in the research were asked about the ways in which they managed various situations through the use of mobile technology, when it came to dealing with their children. The various scenarios included everything from changing a child’s behavior in public to keeping quiet and peace while at home. It also included calming a child how had become upset as well as completing various household chores.

What they determined was that mobile technology was a common solution to pacify and calm a child.

mobile technology kids childrenThe study showed that, most frequently, smartphones and tablets were used to calm children who had social-emotional challenges during difficult behaviors. However, the research also made it apparent that these mobile devices were playing a role within the dynamics of the families that has not yet undergone a large degree of study.

According to Dr. Radesky, “My concern is more with when parents are using it as a ‘let me hand this over to you and let this distract you from whatever distress you were just in,’ because kids learn from handling their own distress not by being distracted from it.”

That said, Dr. Radesky was also careful to point out that this doesn’t necessarily suggest that this means mobile technology should always be viewed negatively. She made it clear that there are some ways in which tech can be quite positive in a child’s life. However she does caution parents to boost their awareness of the way in which they are employing mobile devices and for how long their children are using them.

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