Mobile marketing used by 94 percent of leading American advertisers

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More than nine out of every ten marketers in the United States are now targeting smartphone carrying consumers. The latest figures in advertising have just revealed that 90 percent of the leading hundred American advertisers have started to implement some form of mobile marketing techniques within the last year. This data was revealed in a report that was just released regarding trends in the use of these ads. The report was produced by the ad monitoring service called Competitrack. All of the 94 companies that have implemented mobile marketing techniques…

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Mobile marketing guide issues strict cautions regarding the use of text

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The recommendation is that retailers stick to certain important rules when using SMS. Although mobile marketing through text messages is still considered to be effective, according to a new guide, retailers should move forward with caution or it could sabotage the entire technique. Consumers pay close attention to what they receive over their smartphones and tablets, so relevance is key. This is the case with mobile marketing far more than in other channels. For instance, television commercials are often ignored or skipped, and banner ads are barely even noticed by…

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Mobile marketing works but it’s often underestimated

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Consumers love and respond to the channel, but are under the impression that they don’t. The use of mobile marketing is picking up at a tremendous rate and consumers are highly enthusiastic and responsive to many of its various forms, driving mcommerce and offline shopping overall, but they are also under the impression that they don’t like it. Research has shown that smartphone and tablet users can’t get enough of this channel. The latest AdReaction report has just been released by the Dynamic Logic and Firefly units of Millward Brown.…

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