Businesses see mobile commerce as very risky

Mobile commerce Risks

Businesses believe that serious threats lurk within the mobile space People are becoming more interested in the idea of mobile commerce, but businesses are very leery of this emerging field because of its inherent security risks. Businesses tend to see the mobile space as a more dangerous playing field than other field connected to the digital world. An estimated 32% of businesses believe that mobile commerce is significantly riskier than traditional e-commerce, and  these businesses are not eager to take steps to protect themselves from mobile risks. Survey shows that…

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Mobile payments used more often when incentives are offered

mobile payments incentives

Consumers are more likely to use these services when they have an additional financial benefit to do so. According to new research, the most successful efforts that have been made to boost the use of mobile payments among consumers who have previously used this type of transaction is financial incentives. Moreover, financial management tools over smartphones encourages more frequent use. Among the participants in the study were 4,000 smartphone users who have already used mobile payments services. Over half of them had said that they were very likely to use…

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