Google Glass blocking technology designed to enhance privacy

Google Glass augmented reality glasses

A growing number of people are starting to resent “Glassholes” and the risk of their surveillance. A new product has been created in the form of a very simple program by artist Julian Oliver, from Berlin, which has been designed to detect any Google Glass device that is nearby and that is making an attempt to connect with a Wi-Fi network. The program, called, uses a unique character string discovered in these augmented reality wearables. Oliver found that the MAC addresses of Google Glass have a unique character string.…

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Google Glass software update makes some considerable changes

Mobile Payments - Peter Hazlehurst wearing Google Glass at Money 2020

While the wearable tech will be supporting KitKat, its video calling feature is headed to the back burner. At the same time that Google Glass experienced its one day availability sale in the United States on Tuesday, it also released a massive software update that made a number of notable changes to the experience and opportunity offered by these augmented reality glasses. The internet enabled wearable technology will now have the latest version of the Android OS. The update to the Google Glass software brings the mobile device the KitKat…

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