QR codes enhance learning at Iowa school

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

The barcodes are being used to increase interactions in the lessons being taught to elementary school students. Van Meter Elementary, an Iowa school, is using QR codes to help to make learning more interactive for its students during their technology and library times throughout the week. By scanning the barcodes, the students are directed to specific websites relevant to the topics. Located near Des Moines, the school is moving forward with technology that will allow its students to scan QR codes in order to be able to view book reports…

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Elementary school use QR code technology to encourage students to learn and stay fit

Chesterbrook Elementary has started a new learning and fitness program that uses cool QR code videos. The teachers at Chestebrook Elementary, a school in McLean, Virginia, have created a new exercise trail around the school property that use QR code stations to provide students with additional information and help them to stay in shape. According to a student in sixth grade attending the school, Zeeshan Khaliq, when describing the two dimensional barcode being used, “It’s a thing that you can scan that can take you to a website or a…

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