How will mobile security be affected by widespread artificial intelligence use?

Generative AI is becoming increasingly popular and will certainly lead to issues with misuse. ChatGPT, Bard, and other generative artificial intelligence tools are rapidly increasing in popularity worldwide, and experts are now bracing for the impact this will have on mobile security. Just as these tools help with productivity and efficiency, they can also pose a serious risk of misuse. Not long after generative AI tools were launched, they had already started to be used for mobile security threats such as malware, many of which have been worked into official…

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Google promises to develop its Bard AI chatbot ethically

AI Chatbot - Business Ethics

The company says its artificial intelligence will be developed with care as it is launched in 180 countries. Google is rolling out its AI chatbot Bard throughout 180 countries worldwide while promising that it will be developing this technology ethically. Bard had initially rolled out exclusively in the US and UK, but it has announced a broader rollout. Last week at the annual I/O conference, Google made an announcement that it would be opening up its AI chatbot to many more countries worldwide. While this is big news, it has…

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