The top back to school tech gadgets in 2015

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There are a lot of mobile devices and technologies out there and students want to be equipped with the hottest ones. The time has come for last minute shopping for school supplies and this year’s students have tech gadgets on the top of their lists, despite the fact that notebooks, pencils, binders, and backpacks are still an important part of the classroom experience. The thing is that these days, there are far more demands for mobile devices and digital technology. While that may sound straightforward, when you have a look…

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Gadgets and apps help parents boost back to school phone safety

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As kids head back to the classrooms, moms and dads are looking for ways to make sure their devices are used safely. As the new school year revs up, kids and teens are given pens, pencils, and – of course – the latest high tech smartphones and other wireless gadgets to help to make sure that they can keep in touch and keep up with their friends. But parents are also becoming increasingly aware of the safety risk involved in giving these electronics. Though gadgets are seen as a way…

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