Gadgets and apps help parents boost back to school phone safety

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As kids head back to the classrooms, moms and dads are looking for ways to make sure their devices are used safely.

As the new school year revs up, kids and teens are given pens, pencils, and – of course – the latest high tech smartphones and other wireless gadgets to help to make sure that they can keep in touch and keep up with their friends.

But parents are also becoming increasingly aware of the safety risk involved in giving these electronics.

Though gadgets are seen as a way to assist in keeping kids safe, they come with their own set of risk, too. So parents are looking to take advantage of the right apps and gadgets to ensure that their own children’s devices will keep them safe and out of trouble.

back to school safety gadgetsThe right gadgets and apps can make sure parents always know where their children are and what is going on with the device.

Most of smartphones are given to younger kids strictly in case of emergency or to make it possible for them to call home when they are ready to be picked up after classes, sports games, or rehearsals for the school play. If children are ever afraid, hurt, or kidnapped, they have a way to reach someone to bring them to safety.

Though the majority of children keep their gadgets in their lockers during classes, to make sure that they will not be confiscated by teachers when they are used inappropriately in the classroom, there are kids who still attempt to break those rules, building their addictions to gadgets and devices. Children are continually being caught texting or even surfing the web when they are supposed to be paying attention to the lesson.

Many companies are becoming aware of this growing trend and they – including app developers and even cell phone providers – are coming up with gadgets and apps for parents to help to control the use of kids’ smartphones. One popular example is the Family Protector app from U.S. Cellular, which allows parents to track everything that the child does on the device, including texts, calls, and even pictures that are taken.

Back to school shopping this year, more than ever before, will include gadgets, apps, and other efforts by parents to make sure that their children are using their smartphones appropriately and safely.

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