Virtual and augmented reality market is on the edge of an explosion

Android Pokemon Go augmented reality market

A new report forecasted an annual doubling in spending for AR and VR technology from now through 2021. The International Data Company released a report focused on the future of the virtual and augmented reality market. It predicts that global spending on VR and AR technology will double each year from now through 2021. That prediction is not at all limited to the sale of games and headsets but goes far beyond in the tech’s uses. The virtual and augmented reality market is still exceptionally young but is preparing to…

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Augmented reality content now available in latest Taylor Swift album

Taylor swift augmented reality

The singer’s mobile app provides exclusive additional features to “Red”. The leading augmented reality platform, Aurasma, has joined with Big Machine Records for the release of the latest release by Taylor Swift, which will now reveal exclusive AR video content to tablet and smartphone users who view the “Red” album using the singer’s app. The only way that this bonus material can be seen is through the viewfinder when the app is running. The additional augmented reality content includes a video of Taylor Swift, who discusses the inspiration behind the…

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Augmented reality study predicts billions of app downloads by 2017

Mobile Commerce sales

In 2013 alone, the study forecasts mcommerce revenue of $300 million from AR. A new report has been released to reveal the findings of a study about the use of augmented reality from now through 2017. What it revealed was that the technology is rapidly on the rise and that it has a great deal of potential. It predicted that by the year 2017, there will have been around 2.5 billion annual downloads of augmented reality applications on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it also forecasted that it will generate revenue…

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Augmented reality kiosk designed to draw attention to sporting goods shop

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

The store is working with a technology provider to use iPads for a unique AR experience for shoppers. ArmorActive, an enterprise level tablet solutions company, has partnered with a Utah sporting goods store, Scheels, in order to implement an augmented reality iPad kiosk in its location in Sandy, to provide shoppers with a unique experience while they consider their purchases. The kiosk is made up of many different elements to create an AR experience for customers. The press release distributed by ArmorActive has described the augmented reality kiosk as having…

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Augmented reality to be included in 2013 edition of Guinness Book of World Records

augmented reality book

This brings the book a long way from the black and white paperback it once was. Next year’s edition of the Guinness Book of World Records will have a curious new feature that smartphone users may find appealing, when they view the augmented reality elements of its pages. The copy of the book just appeared this week, showing the book’s new mobile friendliness. The traditional format of the book will use augmented reality for an instant update to complement the latest technologies that are being used on a regular basis…

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Blippar’s new augmented reality platform a big hit with brand and media owners

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

Augmented reality developer Blippar has announced the launch of its new “Blipp to Buy” platform. The service is open to brand and media owners who are looking to inject their business with more interactivity for the sake of consumers. Blippar has long been a believer in the impact augmented reality can have for businesses and claims that adopting the technology can help companies reach out to the next generation of tech-savvy consumer. The platform has undergone extensive trials in the United Kingdom and Blippar believes that it is now ready…

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Texas Instruments shows off new OMAP 5 platform at the Mobile World Congress in Spain

Texas Instruments OMAP 5 platform

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), a global technology development company, has big plans for augmented reality and will be showing of the latest version of its OMAP mobile processors at the Mobile World Congress conference this week in Barcelona, Spain. The company’s OMAP 5 platform, the latest development to their popular line of processors, will incorporate several new technologies that will make it one of the most powerful and versatile processors available. TI believes that the OMAP 5 will show people a new side of augmented reality that could change their…

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AR glasses are not good enough, may take years to produce practical hardware for the technology

Augmented Reality Glasses Sample

Augmented reality technology may have come a long way, but the hardware associated with it is beginning to fall behind. AR is a growing craze in the mobile realm, but the technology is often used as a gimmick for games or other forms of fleeting entertainment. Smart phones can be used as an augmented reality visor of sorts, but holding a phone up for extended periods of time to get a glimpse of a digital display can be cumbersome. Eyewear, such as glasses and contact lenses, however, can unlock the…

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Augmented reality computing takes a leap forward with the Iris tablet PC


As augmented reality begins to become more defined, focus is shifting aware from the software and towards the hardware. AR technology is nothing new, but its use has been limited in the past due to the fact that most computer systems could not handle the high demands of the technology. Now, however, more designers and engineers are creating devices capable of utilizing augmented reality to its full potential. AR may be poised for a major leap forward with a new device that is reminiscent to what would be seen in…

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Pearl Media combines QR codes with NFC and augmented reality to make a fully interactive crime scene

Mobile Commerce News

Mobile technology has come a long way, growing more advanced and capable in dealing with everyday routines as time passes. QR codes, NFC and augmented reality technology are three of the most promising technologies to emerge from the mobile industry. Each has been used for a myriad of purposes ranging from marketing to entertainment and information distribution, and have been shown to synergize well when used together. Companies, and consumers, often favor one of these technologies over the other, however, claiming their superiority based upon arbitrary value. This practice belies…

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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011

One of the biggest events in the gaming industry is coming this week. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, had long been an occasion in which game developers from all over the world showcase their latest and greatest productions. Sony is looking to make waves at this year’s E3 with their new handheld gaming platform, the Sony NGP. There is a lot of hype surrounding the NGP because of its use of augmented reality. Other big name game companies have tried their hand with augmented reality in the…

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