Android Pay gives Japanese consumers a new mobile wallet option

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The payments app has now arrived in Japan and will be available at over 470,000 shopping locations. Japanese consumers with smartphones powered by Google’s mobile operating system will now have access to Android Pay. The mobile wallet will bring them access to smartphone payments at over 470,000 locations in Japan. Anywhere that already accepts Rakuten Edy e-money will now also accept Android’s mobile wallet. A Google statement pointed out that Android Pay will become an alternative to the prepaid Rakuten Edy service. This is only the most recent attempt the…

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Mobile wallet transactions have doubled at Walgreens thanks to Apple Pay

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The iPhone based payments service has accounted for half of all of the tap to pay purchases made at McDonald’s. Despite a great deal of controversy that was made in some of the largest retailers across the country, the Apple Pay mobile wallet has still kept its position in a number of retail stores in the United States since it was first launched on October, 20, but there has yet to be any real evidence as to whether or not it should be considered to be a success. Recent figures…

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