Revolut Business QR codes for contact-free payments

Revolut Business QR codes - Mobile Payment
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The quick response codes are being used to facilitate transaction completion while social distancing.

New Revolut Business QR codes are being launched in order to make it easier to complete payment transactions while social distancing, said the company.

The barcodes are being increasingly used to help to complete various forms of contactless tasks.

The Revolut Business QR codes are among the most recent additions to smartphone-based strategies for avoiding contact while interacting with a company. Retailers, cafes, restaurants and tradespeople are commonly using quick response codes for precisely these reasons as the world continues to battle against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the advantages appreciated in this case is that there are no additional external devices required to use the barcodes. Instead, customers can simply scan through the use of the company’s own app and complete the necessary payment transactions to make their purchase.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "We'd love to see a world where Venmo added support on the blockchain, then a Circle customer could pay a Venmo customer using their QR code or their blockchain address - and go between those instantly and for free." - Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle


The Revolut Business QR codes are meant to make contactless payments convenient and fast.

“The popularity of QR codes has increased as this payment method is quick, easy and allows people to make socially distanced payments, which are increasingly important during the global pandemic,” explained the company’s product owner for acquiring, Paulo Guichard. “We’ve removed the need for additional devices or hardware, as all business owners have to do is use their Revolut Business app and show customers a QR code to accept payments straight away through this efficient and touch-free method.”

Business owners can quickly and easily generate the barcode on their smartphones. From there, the customer can use their own phone to pay for a purchase using an iOS or Android device with Apple Pay, Visa or Mastercard. Moreover, this solution involves instant payments that take place via WiFi, meaning that the funds are transferred into the merchant’s account and cleared before the customer leaves the store.

The Revolut Business QR codes are available to the company’s customers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Revolut Business QR codes - Mobile PaymentFinland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Luxemburg. They need only update their Android or iOS app to version 2.28 to use the barcodes.

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