Best gifts under $25 for any recipient in 2020

best gifts under $25

This holiday season, choosing a great present doesn’t need to come with a huge budget.

This year, the best gifts under $25 are easy to find and will be sure to suit everyone on your holiday shopping list.

There are times when you want to make sure you find the perfect present for everyone on your list.

Most of us assume that the ideal present is usually one that comes with a massive price tag.  That isn’t the case in 2020.  Even the best gifts under $25 in the technology category are perfectly suited to the gadget lover, the home-based student, the remote employee, and every other family member.

This year, with the holiday shopping season already well underway – even before Black Friday – the top 2020 Christmas presents are already easy to spot.  Shoppers who want to make sure they get their hands on these items will want to be sure they act fast.

Check out this list of the best gifts under $25 for the 2020 holidays.

5. Rocketbook Beacons

A set of four restickable and reusable triangles convert any whiteboards into a smartboard that you can scan with your smartphone and save using your favorite cloud storage service.  Students and workers alike can keep organized, create plans, sort out thoughts and convert a writing surface into a digital file.

4. Etekcity VeSync Mini Smart Plug

These affordable plugs will allow your gift recipients to quickly and easily convert their house into a smart home. No tech expertise required.

3. Pro Clean Key Door Opener

This small, convenient tool provides you with a handy stylus and bottle opener that will also help you to keep your hands clean. Use it to push buttons and even open a door because the materials are solid enough to handle a lever.

2. Mogix External Power Bank Charger

This slim, compact, high capacity portable phone charger provides a huge 10,400 mAh is a tremendously popular backup power bank providing two ports for simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

best gifts under $251. UV Light Sanitizer Portable Travel Wand

This UV light sanitizer wouldn’t usually make it to the best gifts under $25 list. However, it is currently available as 2 for 1 deal, meaning that each one will be well within the budget.  It means you’ll be making it easier for two present recipients (or for a recipient and for yourself) to keep their phone, keys and other everyday items sanitized.

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