Virtual reality White House tour provides unprecedented 360 degree experience

virtual reality white house tour

Outgoing President Barack Obama has recorded and narrated VR tour with Michelle’s help. President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama have created a virtual reality White House tour during their last days living there. They used Oculus VR headsets and Facebook 360 degree video to record and narrate the experience. This first ever virtual reality tour of the White House was initially released just before the weekend. The virtual reality White House tour is titled “The People’s House.” It was produced by Montreal-based Felix & Paul Studios, which has…

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Virtual reality Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition raises eyebrows

sports illustrated swimsuit edition virtual reality

This edition of the magazine is known for its added gimmicks, causing turned heads and rolled eyes. The Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated has now been released and, with it, has come the brand’s attempt to jump on board with one of the hottest trends in technology at the moment: virtual reality. The release of the magazine has arrived alongside a mobile app meant for both Android and iOS devices. The companion app has been designed to provide photography, news, video and a virtual reality experience. If this were to…

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