Mobile commerce is growing aggressively in Vietnam

veitnam mobile commerce

Google reports that mobile payments have become a powerful force in Vietnam due to smartphones ownership Mobile commerce is exploding in Vietnam, according to a new report from Google. The company’s Vietnamese branch has found that there is a major shift in consumer behavior due to the growing availability of mobile devices. According to the report,  mobile consumers in the country pick up and look at their devices an average of 150 times a day, or more than 10 times every hour. Notably, these consumers are becoming more interested in…

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Mobile banking has a bright future in Asia

mobile payments banking check deposit

Report shows that the demand for banking applications is on the rise in emerging Asian markets Ericsson, a Swedish communications technology company, has released a report concerning mobile banking. As smartphone penetration continues to grow, many people are looking for services that can help them manage their finances on a mobile device. As such, the demand for mobile banking applications has begun to grow. Many banks have been slow to accommodate this demand, but the future may be bright for the mobile banking space. The report from Ericsson shows that…

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