Mobile technology is being used to treat acne

mobile technology acne light therapy

Now that students are back to school, many are using various types of mhealth, including for skin care. Among the types of apps available for mobile technology devices, some of the most popular – outside of games – have been those that have a focus on health features, such as activity tracking and monitoring sleep quality. That said, mhealth is now headed in new directions that range from cardiovascular disease prevention to skin care. At the same time that mobile technology is being flooded with opportunities for people to receive…

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Mobile health apps attempt to compete in the light therapy industry

Red light therapy rosacea acne mobile health app

LED treatments of various skin conditions have become hot sellers, but can a smartphone offer treatment? For half a decade, the mobile health category has started to try to tap into the success of LED light therapy that is being increasingly used in alternative and conventional medicine, alike, for the treatment of common skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis, premature aging, and rosacea. What has been unclear is whether or not a smartphone app can offer the same treatment as a specialized light. Mobile health apps have become wildly…

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