Mobile health tech is playing a growing role in different medical fields

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Healthcare service areas such as maternal care and epidemic management are benefiting from this technology. Mobile health technology is starting to reveal how important it could truly be in improving the healthcare services that are available to people throughout developing nations, as a growing number of case studies are starting to reveal. Among the various case studies, the Ebola outbreak in western Africa was a prime example. That said, helping to share information with people using cell phones in order to help to bring the outbreak of Ebola under control…

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Why Online Degree Programs Focus on QR Codes: 10 Ways QR Codes will Influence Your Health

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If you’re interested in taking part in one of the better healthcare online degree programs, you need to be ready to work with QR codes. Why? QR codes are just one of many methods that health technicians are looking at using to increase the quality of our healthcare in the future. They are quickly being integrated into health information technology that accesses our records and will allow us to do more with our smartphones. Through the use of QR codes and new applications in health technology, patients will be able…

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