Giant QR code promotes tourism in northern China village

juniper giant qr code

In the Chinese province of Hebei, in the city of Baoding created a massive quick response code. A new Chinese tourism campaign has used 130,000 juniper trees to form a giant QR code that is viewable from the air. The quick response code was formed in a large tree field within a northern village. The trees are shaped into a QR code that is completely functional and that is meant to boost local tourism. Each of the giant QR code’s sides is about 745 feet long. The evergreen juniper trees…

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QR codes in China can help job seekers to find employment

qr code stamp card

A wall of quick response codes at a Taiyuan job fair has been created to let people scan to find new positions. Though most people would think of QR codes as a barcode that is useful in print advertising for products and brands, some companies are now seeing the opportunity of advertising other types of offerings, such as job postings. This led to the printing of a wall of quick response codes at a job fair that was held in the Shanxi province in China. The Taiyuan Evening News reported…

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QR code made out of umbrellas breaks world record

Biggest human QR code Mission Hills China

The largest human barcode was formed by 2,000 people at the Mission Hills luxury golf and spa resort. On the grounds of the largest golf facility in the world, Mission Hills Shenzhen, in China, the 2,000 employees of the luxury golf and spa resort grouped themselves together in order to form a massive QR code by standing together and holding umbrellas. The effort was made in order to help to promote the eco-tourist industry in the area. The QR code was aimed at tourists around the world who are interested…

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