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Samsung’s next smartwatch will support mobile payments

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Samsung and Apple may clash on the mobile commerce battlefield

Samsung has been looking for ways to compete with Apple for some time. The two companies have been rivals for years, but neither has managed to established a significant lead over the other until the last generation of smartphones. Samsung was able to garner favor from consumers because of its use of NFC technology, but now Apple has entered into the mobile payments space with a new service supporting NFC-based payments. Samsung is now taking an ambitious step in the form of wearable technology.

Apple has attracted strong support with its new payments service and Samsung is looking to compete

Apple has attracted strong support from consumers and businesses alike with its Apple Pay service. The service has become accepted by many of the world’s largest retailers, giving Apple significant momentum in the mobile payments space. Samsung is not willing to let its rival establish much of a lead, however, and has announced that its new smartwatch will support mobile payments.

New smartwatch will support mobile payments with the help of PayPal and Synaptics

Samsung smartwatch gadgets galaxy gear wearable technology mobile paymentsSamsung is reportedly working with PayPal to develop a commerce system for its new smartwatch. The company is also working with Synaptics, a company specializing in biometric technology, in order to make this payment platform more secure. Samsung and PayPal have worked together in the past, making mobile payments possible on the Galaxy S5 device. Together, the two companies may be able to merge the wearable technology sector with mobile commerce, creating a new way for consumers to pay for goods and services.

Wearable technology could have more practical value with the aid of mobile commerce

Wearable technology has not yet become popular with consumers, at least not on the level of smartphones and tablets. Wearable devices are often seen as novelty, with limited practical value. By turning such devices into mobile commerce platforms, however, they may become more popular with consumers that are interested in new technology. Samsung believes that its smartwatches will be able to compete with anything that Apple produces, especially in the mobile commerce space.

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