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Joining the Meest Portal unlocks many handy features. Imagine getting notifications about your deliveries, paying online, scheduling early deliveries, ordering a courier pick-up with a click, insuring your packages, and saving your recipients for your future parcels — all these perks await Meest Canada’s registered users. Let’s dive into how signing up can make international shipping easier.

Easily Calculate Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

Anyone looking to safeguard worldwide shipping can do so effortlessly. Here’s your quick guide:

  • Measure your parcel: Measure your item, jotting down its size, length, width, and height.
  • Go to the Meest international shipping page: Enter your item’s details in the online calculator.
  • Get your price: After filling in the info, hit the calculate button to see your shipping cost estimate.

Simple, right? That’s just the beginning of what Meest can offer you.Meest International shipping options and calculator

Ship from Home with Ease Using Meest

Gone are the days of driving across town to find a branch for international shipping from Canada. With today’s technology, you can save time, skip the lines, conveniently order, and pay for your shipment online anytime.

Flexible Drop-off Options with Meest

While you’re always welcome to drop off your package at a Meest branch, modern life gets busy. So, the company has made it easier for you. Register on the Meest Portal, set up your shipment, and handle payment online. Then, choose your drop-off:

  • Effortlessly drop off your parcel at any Canada Post office, ready for Meest to handle.
  • Prefer staying home? Arrange for our partner Canpar’s courier to collect your parcel from your doorstep.

Cheap international shipping with Meest is all about convenience and is tailored to your lifestyle.

Parcel Tracking Made Easy

Each parcel gets its unique tracking code for easy monitoring. Simply head to the tracking page, enter your parcel number, and you’ll have the latest information on your delivery status.

Keep Tabs on Your Shipments and Money Transfers

Your account becomes the hub for everything shipped! Quickly review the history of your parcels and online money transfers whenever you like. Plus, there is no need to re-enter details for repeat send-offs; just pick from your saved contacts.

Count on Meest Canada for Your Shipments

Meest Canada has lots of experience making sure your stuff gets where it needs to go smoothly, no matter how complicated. The goal is to make shipping easy and hassle-free for you. You can trust us with your shipments!

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