Zoosh unveils option instead of NFC and Google Wallet

Latest in Mobile Payment Technology

Latest in Mobile Payment Technology
Zoosh, a state of the art development produced by a Silicon Valley startup company called Naratte, has turned the heads of a number of developers of mobile payment technologies, as it has come up with a way to replicate the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) chips through the use of a simple microphone and speaker already found in the majority of mobile devices.

The Zoosh technology involves the use of sound frequencies that are inaudible to humans, but that are commonly used in the natural world by animals such as dolphins and frogs.

Brett Paulson, CEO of Naratte, explained that it is possible for the software to be embedded into applications for everything from the distribution of coupons to payment processing. Virtually any smartphone or other similar mobile device has an audio system that would be able to use this inaudible ultrasonic signal, to allow a near-field transaction connection to be established, and then processed.

Among the main benefits to this technology, say the co-founders of the company, is that there is no silicon or chips required to use it. The microphone in the device receives the sound waves, which are interpreted by the software, and the speaker sends new sound waves back out again to complete the transaction.


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The software allows digital signal processing to occur within the mobile device so that a wireless transaction is possible through the audio features. Until now, none of this had been possible, but three very recent technological advancements created its potential.

These advancements included the use of smartphones as media players so that the sound was of adequate quality, the incorporation of microphones into the devices to allow for speech recognition features, and the ability for the devices to transmit signals that were above the audible range.

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