Zappar releases cool t shirts with interactive features

cool t shirts

Zappar Powered T-shirt Promo Video from Zappar on Vimeo.

Augmented reality app brings tees to life.

Zappar has now announced the availability of its cool t shirts with augmented reality (AR) technology, which brings the virtual and physical worlds together and brings these products to the forefront of high tech clothing, creating their own form of entertainment channels.

This application gives consumers access to a whole new experience with the brands they love.

The Zappar App, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, lets consumers, companies, and brands, gain access to an entirely new level of entertainment through a visual experience that is as simple to use as aiming their mobile device at the clothing and watching the screen while the application is active.


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The Zappar App can be downloaded and used for free from the Android Market Place and iTunes.

The company’s managing director, Caspar Thykier, explained that “By expanding the Zappar
technologies into the fashion industry and integrating augmented reality into clothing and apparel, it demonstrates the limitless opportunities for the brand.”

The these augmented reality cool t shirts start at £6 and the beginning line features a range of seven different options from which to choose. They include styles called: drum kit (available in white, “leaf”, and black), biohazard, Mars attacks alien, scratch master DJ, and guitar.

When smartphone users aim their devices at the clothing, it appears to come to life and then become fully interactive on the screen using augmented reality technology. Whether you want to play the guitar, the drums, or interact with an alien attacking from another world, this clothing provides that experience as no apparel has ever done before.

Regardless of the high tech nature of these cool t shirts, they are still 100 percent cotton, for maximum comfort, and their official wash care instructions say that they can safely be cleaned and dried in both the washing machine and the dryer. This not only makes them a perfect gift for individuals who love technology, who adore their smartphones, or who are otherwise difficult to buy for, but they also provide easy care and maintenance for the best possible overall product experience.

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