YouTube mobile app to add support for translating 100 languages in comments

YouTube Mobile App - Person using YouTube on tablet

The “Translate” button appears below each comment, currently supporting Portuguese, Spanish, French and Bahasa.

The YouTube mobile app is rolling out a new translation feature that will allow users to read comments from among 100 languages.

The feature is rolling out to make it possible for users to read comments in other languages.

So far, the YouTube mobile app feature lets users read comments written in other comments by doing an instant translation into their own language. The application now has a “Translate” button immediately below every comment to make it possible for that comment’s text to be translated. This is meant to make it easier for people to alternate between the original comment’s language and the translated text.

The company released a tweet to announce the Translate button’s rollout on the application.

The feature has been rolled out live on the popular video application on both Android and iOS. The comments posted in a different language from the version selected as primary on the app would, for instance, have a “Translate to English” option directly below the text. It is found right above the like and dislike and reply options, which are displayed in every comment box.

The goal for the translate button in the YouTube mobile app is to better enable conversations worldwide.

Upon full rollout, the translation option will support more than 100 different languages. Every time a comment needs to be translated, it simply needs to be clicked. That said, the feature does not have an option to automatically translate all the comments left on a video. This helps to play into YouTube’s efforts to expand its reach around the world.YouTube Mobile App - Translate

The company had already been spotted doing automatic video title and description translations into a spectrum of languages. For a few users, these text components of the videos were being translated to make it possible for the videos to be found in search results in other languages and while users are browsing in their own languages. This feature is expected to be rolled out both in the YouTube mobile app and in the web version of the service.

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