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As Google continues the implementation of a strategy that has been designed to keep the internet giant at the head of the mobile marketplace, YouTube is being acknowledged as an important element of that effort.

Its recent purchase of Motorola is only one of its many steps into the mobile world, that have also included a number of services such as mobile payments, which are currently being tested and are expected to begin taking off in the near future.

What has been considered quite surprising is that its ownership of YouTube, which had previously been considered to be an exceptionally expensive mistake by many industry experts, is now being deemed a stroke of genius. As Google uses its YouTube resource, it will have a much larger slice of the mobile marketing industry than it ever could have managed without it.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


With smartphones and tablets, YouTube has an unequalled network effect for videos. The more it is used, the more people will use it. After all, as the population at YouTube increases, so does its library of videos, meaning that there will be more viewers, more users, and so on. YouTube is at the very top of its part of the social network marketing environment.

That said, as mobile technology continues to advance, it becomes easier for people to use the service in a better and cheaper way. It becomes increasingly simple to use and appealing overall for smartphone and tablet users to head to YouTube when there is a video they wish to see.

Moreover, people are beginning to look to YouTube for their news and entertainment needs, as they move away from the television and toward the internet for these purposes. Equally, as an increasing number of people have smartphones and tablets, they can view these videos wherever and whenever they wish to do so.

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