Yahoo Weather mobile app alerts users to impending precipitation

yahoo mobile app

The application will provide a warning fifteen minutes ahead of the arrival of rain or snow.

Yahoo has recently announced that it is updating its Weather mobile app to provide alerts to people around the world in order to warn them when their area is expected to receive rain or snow within the next quarter of an hour.

Though there have been several changes to the weather app, it is the alerts that is the most notable.

This latest mobile app update will mean that Yahoo Weather users will be alerted 15 minutes ahead of time when the app is expecting that they will receive rain or snow. This is known as near-term updates and is meant to give users enough time to get a jacket or umbrella, or at least head inside for shelter if that is the best move, considering the upcoming weather. According to Yahoo on its blog, this feature will be even more beneficial now that the smartphone app also has improved accuracy than it ever has before.

The mobile app has been overhauled, as has the method of serving forecasts, bettering the overall accuracy.

yahoo mobile appThe new design of the weather app also allows a user to be able to “zoom in on microclimates,” said the blog. According to the company, the application is available to users of devices based on both Android and iOS based devices. That said, initial reports showed that it was rolled out to Apple mobile device users, first. Even though Google Play had been updated last Thursday, the app had not yet appeared within its “What’s New” section as of that time. That said, the days that followed changed that story.

The weather application changes are only some of a broader spectrum of changes that are being made to the offerings from the company. Yahoo Mail, for instance, has now also had its features boosted. Among the most notable is that there is an event and notifications option at the top of the inbox, designed to make it easier to spot for quick viewing.

In this way, whenever an online retailer receives a new order mail, for example, that will also arrive as a notification. There will also be shortcuts for shipment tracking and to the original order emails to make them faster and easier to spot and access. Upcoming events will involve snapshots to be viewed. These changes are in addition to those made to the mobile app.

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