Xbox One to support QR codes

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QR codes not to be ignored by the Xbox One

The gaming space has been abuzz with both hype and derision for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The Xbox One was revealed last month and has since received more criticism than any other console in recent history due to the controversial features it is equipped with, such as a requirement to always be connected to the Internet. The controversy surrounding the Xbox One has not gone unnoticed by Microsoft and the company has made significant changes to the console’s features to better align with consumer demands. Surprisingly, this also includes support for QR codes.

Reddit pushes for QR support

In a recent post to Reddit, user “socki03” suggested that allowing the Xbox One’s Kinect device to scan QR codes could make entering game codes significantly easier. Game codes are common throughout the world of gaming and are often used to unlock additional content for some games or activate online features. The problem with these codes, however, is that they are typically 25-character long, which can be annoying for some gamers to input using a controller rather than a keyboard. These game codes can effectively be embedded in QR codes, thereby eliminating this problem.

xbox QR codesMicrosoft embraced consumer demands

Given the social clout of Reddit, this suggestion did not go unnoticed for very long. On the same day, Marc Whitten, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, announced via Twitter that the Xbox One would, indeed, be able to scan QR codes. This feature has been strongly supported by the gaming community and has helped dispel some of the negative attention that the next generation console has received over the past few weeks.

QR codes establishing a strong foothold in gaming

QR codes are typically seen in marketing and, in some cases, mobile commerce, but these codes have yet to become significantly popular beyond these two sectors. Tech-savvy consumers often deride QR codes for their unappealing appearance and the fact that they are not as interactive as other technologies, such as augmented reality. QR codes seem to have established a relatively strong following in the gaming space.

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