Number of adult American QR code users increases by 1 percent since 2010

QR code

A new Forrester Research study’s findings have been released, and they show that among American adults, 5 percent are using QR codes with their smartphone devices. This is an increase of 1 percent over last year’s figures. When compared to the adoption by consumers, QR code reading software has grown significantly more quickly, while at the same time the adoption of the codes by companies using the 2 dimensional barcodes as a part of their marketing strategy has grown at a notably slower rate. According to Julie Ask, the author…

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The elusive iQR code pops into sight but only for a second!

Once upon a time, QR codes were block, black and white patterns on the back of car bumpers. Now, they come in all shapes and sizes. First developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, they were used to track inventory. During the advent of mobile devices, the codes became famous in Japan and Asia, with their popularity diminishing as they traveled further west. Since their incorporation into society, the codes have evolved from the black and what mosaics to colorful designs. New codes are emerging tentatively into the world…

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New to the world of quick response code?

How To Scan a QR Code

  QR Codes may finally be breaking out to main stream services. More and more web design services are embracing Social Media and adding it into their web business. This now includes QR Codes. QR stands for quick response, because it will transfer data between electronic gadgets faster than normal bar codes. QR Codes are small, black and white squares that look like a barcode. They can hold over seven thousand characters of numeric code, over four thousand characters of alphanumeric code or almost three thousand characters of binary code.…

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Will the new iQR Code take the spotlight?

QR codes have come a long way since they were created by Japan based Denso Wave – a subsidiary of Toyota – and they have established themselves as the primary tool for mobile marketing. Denso Wave first used the codes to keep track of inventory for Toyota and the codes have spread throughout Japan ever since. They are now used throughout the nation as a medium for just about anything. The codes have also been gaining a foothold in western society, finding their way to the sides of buildings, buses…

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