Unique marketing uses smallest QR code art gallery

QR Code Marketing Campaign

The tiniest one in the world is now located in a Hong Kong shopping mall. When it comes to space, if you’re a retailer or other merchant in Hong Kong, the goal is to get as much done in as small an amount of space as possible, making QR codes an advertising method with a tremendous amount of potential. This unique marketing technique can help seller who can face rates as high as $2,000 per square foot of mall space. With rental costs as high as that, it makes it…

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Sushi restaurant in London launches interactive QR code campaign

QR Code Display

London’s first Temaki Sushi restaurant is scheduled to open in March of this year. For now, the store is still under construction, but the owners are taking the opportunity to reach out to consumers early. Construction is being concealed behind a vibrant display upon which QR code fish are waiting to be scanned by tech savvy pedestrians. The restaurant, called Yoobi, has launched a campaign to generate hype for the grand opening next month and has begun encouraging smart phone users to scan the code for deals. Scanning the code will…

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RESULTCO creates virtual store fronts with QR codes

As a part of its Detroit Storefront Project, RESULTCO is using empty store window display space in order to give QR codes to a creative, artistic, and highly commercial purpose. Each of these shopping display walls have been artistically designed to draw attention to various products and to encourage consumers to scan their associated QR codes in order to gain further information or make a purchase. The QR codes are accompanied by crisp, clear, and beautiful graphics that have a trompe l’oeuil effect. They are created with laser printing onto…

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Scandinavian Airlines releases unique double scan QR code promotion

Scandinavian Airlines has just launched its latest promotion based on the use of a QR code, which requires two mobile devices to scan the code while they are next to one another in order to obtain the offered deal. The “2 for 1 offer it takes 2 to see” is based on a QR code that must be scanned by devices that are physically next to one another. The reason for this design is that the airline performed research that discovered that when couples make their trip bookings, they are…

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