How businesses are stepping into the world of mobile search advertising

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This year is already the best so far for mobile, as consumers spend more time on apps for mobile than on the web for the first time, and as mobile devices begin to step up to the number of laptop and PC sales. However, according to eMarketer, in the United States this year, mobile advertising is expected to reach only $1.1 billion, and mobile search will make up only $295.1 million of that. When compared to the $31.3 billion that American companies are spending on online marketing, and that $14.4…

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Latest MobileSTAT from Jumptap shows boost in mobile call-to-action marketing

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Jumptap’s experts on mobile ads have revealed the results of its most recent MobileSTAT report (which stands for Simple Targeting & Audience Trends), that shows that there is a change toward call-to action techniques in the latest mobile ads.  The data was collected throughout May 2011, and it showed that it is common for mobile ads to be designed in order to create a call to action.  The actual number of action-focused campaigns was 34 percent.  The types of performance they encouraged included downloading or initiating a call, instead of…

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Experts discuss experimentation and persistence as primary elements for mobile ad success

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Mobile marketers are responding to the rapid growth of mobile advertising by seeking the secrets to its successes and, so far, what they have determined is that experimentation and persistence are vital. As the ad technique is still quite new, it is difficult for even the most successful mobile advertisers to identify precisely what made their successes and to define the steps to replicate those achievements in future efforts. Therefore, at the very basic level, they are proclaiming two rules that can lead to positive results, which are to keep…

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