How businesses are stepping into the world of mobile search advertising

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This year is already the best so far for mobile, as consumers spend more time on apps for mobile than on the web for the first time, and as mobile devices begin to step up to the number of laptop and PC sales. However, according to eMarketer, in the United States this year, mobile advertising is expected to reach only $1.1 billion, and mobile search will make up only $295.1 million of that. When compared to the $31.3 billion that American companies are spending on online marketing, and that $14.4…

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Functionality of Location-Based Advertising Demonstrated by Adobe

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At the Open Mobile Summit that was held on June 9, 2011, the contextual app, a brand new concept for contextual advertising, was brought to light for the first time for use with location-based mobile marketing. This concept was presented by Kevin Lynch, the chief technology officer for Adobe. He showed that not too long from now – in his words “really possible soon” – the user of a mobile device will be able to select from various apps depending on their actual location, what is within a certain proximity,…

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