The top rules for effective social marketing

Social Network Marketing

Social marketing is a vital part of any business or brand’s marketing mix, and it is important that execs and marketers alike recognize the top rules for keeping up with the latest and make sure that marketing efforts are as effective as possible. To execute a marketing strategy with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other top social media networks, there are six rules that should be acknowledged: • The social media sandbox is growing – Though Facebook continues its rein over the social media marketplace, there are a number of other…

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Marketing Trends Turn to Social Media as a Critical Tool

Social commerce Media Marketing

Social media’s presence throughout the personal and professional online world has allowed it to rapidly become a foundation tool for marketing campaigns among companies ranging from independent entrepreneurs and small businesses to large multinational corporations. This is the result of the popularity and ever-present nature of social media, as well as the fact that among users of these platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – 75 percent have viewed or connected their profiles with company pages, and 69 percent follow status updates and blogs. The methods of social…

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