Mobile payments service from PayPal is rolled out with free processing

Paypal Mobile Payments

This fee free transaction opportunity is a promotion that the company will run until the end of the year. Among the latest mobile payments news headlines that are being made is the announcement that has been made by PayPal that it is hoping to attract more businesses to use its POS credit card processing service by offering these transactions for free for the rest of the year. Transaction fees add up quickly and can cut into the profit of a business, making this type of offer highly appealing. The announcement…

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Mobile payments growing among Canadian small businesses

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

These systems are increasing in popularity as smaller companies seek alternatives to traditional platforms. Mobile payment technology is starting to take off among small businesses in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, as they seek to discover alternatives to the traditional online platforms and point of sale systems. Now that there are a growing number of players in the marketplace, businesses have choice. Among the various options that are starting to make some headway in the Canadian mobile payments marketplace among small business is Square. This American startup provides merchants…

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Mobile wallet, Isis, slated for launch this month

Isis mobile commerce wallet

At some point in September, the long awaited smartphone payment service will become available. The m-commerce world is holding its breath as the Isis mobile wallet is finally aligned for launch by Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, and AT&T, at some point during this month. The announcement was made by in a report which cited the CEO of VeriFone, Doug Bergeron. It explained that the service will first become available in San Antonio, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Smartphone payments terminal specialist, VeriFone, will be working with Isis on this…

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