Samsung battling to cling to its mobile market share

samsung indian smartphone market

The tremendous growth and successes of the smartphones may not be as glittery for the tech giant in coming years. Over the last four years, Samsung Electronics has been able to enjoy a massive amount of success and growth in its mobile market share, particularly due to its Galaxy smartphones. It has been a primary rival for Apple in the smartphone marketplace and has made billions in that spot. That said, it is becoming increasingly clear that holding onto its position in the mobile market may not be quite as…

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Mobile trends continue to take over with 3 out of 4 device owners owning smartphones

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone

It didn’t seem that long ago that it seemed like an accomplishment to take half of the market. comScore has just released some interesting new mobile trends data that has revealed that smartphones are now making up a tremendous 75 percent of the overall cell phone marketplace in the United States. This represents phenomenal growth over the figure from the same time last year, which had been 65 percent. Now, out of every American over the age of 13 years, three out of every four is the owner of a…

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Mobile technology sends Sony to a $2.1 billion fiscal year loss

sony mobile store - smartwatches mobile technology

This situation has brought the electronics company to the point that it has had to suspend its dividend. For the first time since the company was first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, back in 1958, Sony will be suspending its dividend and will not make a payout, because of the $2.1 billion loss that it saw throughout the fiscal year, caused primarily by its mobile technology business. Sony had been predicting a comeback in its business for mobile devices, but it experienced a considerable hiccup. In the fiscal year…

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BlackBerry Passport specs have been leaked

BlackBerry Passport mobile technology

The latest handset from the struggling Canadian company has had its specifications released earlier than intended. September will be a month in which a number of new mobile devices will be hitting the market shelves, and while the BlackBerry Passport is one of them, it seems that the company wasn’t quite able to keep the smartphone’s specifications hidden quite that long. Mobile device makers are finding it increasingly difficult to stop this type of information from leaking ahead of schedule. A couple of months ago, the company announced that it…

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Smartphone market in India is under Microsoft’s spotlight

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The growth that is being seen in that marketplace is making it highly attractive to this company. India has now managed to establish itself as the largest smartphone market in the world, and Microsoft Devices Group (MDG) is now placing a considerable focus on that part of the world, with a great deal of optimism with regards to building its share within the country. This, according to T. S. Sridhar, the Microsoft Mobile Oy director of mobiles, Nokia India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Microsoft also made certain that whenever there is…

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