The future of mobile commerce and how it is revolutionizing business worldwide

Mobile Commerce U.S. and Worldwide

M-commerce is moving forward at full steam and many feel that it won’t be long before it turns retail upside down. It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone to hear that cell phones are the most widely used electronic device in the world, as there were approximately 7 billion of them. This means that there are nearly four times (3.8 times) more phones than there are PCs. A growing percentage of cell phone users now own smartphones. These individuals are relying on their devices on an increasing basis, and…

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Cool New Red Bull Augmented Reality App Released

Red Bull recently launched an all new augmented reality racing app for iPhone and iPod Touch users which is its first ever mobile gaming app for the said gadgets. The mobile app takes users to newer heights, introducing the newest features in racing games. The Red Bull Augmented Racing that instead of just using a user to play the game, it enables the player to design his own virtual track. Although most racing games allows players to do such, Red Bull does it in a different way. Red Bull cans…

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A star was born but what does the future hold for QR codes?

  2011 may well be the year in which mobile marketing and advertising are revolutionized. Though QR codes were invented in the 90’s as an easy way for Japanese auto manufacturer, Toyota, to keep track of inventory, QR has gain prestige in recent years. In an emerging industry with still vague boundaries and definitions, the 2d barcode is quickly forming the structure upon which most mobile marketing will be based. The advent of the smart phone brought with it a new field of digital interaction. From augmented reality to mobile…

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