QR codes used on printouts by Inky-Linky

QR Codes Inky Linky

These barcodes are designed to include helpful links in the margins of digital and printed pages. Inky-Linky has just announced its latest idea, which allows customers to add QR codes to the margins of websites so that when the pages are printed out, they will still include a fast and easy way to return to the site. This new and clever way to reference all of the links from the page could change the face of web design. The key to the QR codes from Inky-Linky is in their simplicity.…

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Anyone can create a website with QR code analytics now

MC2 SYSTEMS has announced the release of their new program, QRViewMe, for businesses and individuals specifically interested in incorporating QR codes into their ventures. The program allows for account administrators to manage a database of websites and attributes each with a custom QR code. All creation, storage and managements functions are conducted under one user account in an effort to make operation easier. Citing a need in the burgeoning mobile technology market, MC2 SYSTEMS moved to provide a quick and easy way to implement QR codes in promotional campaigns. Using…

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