QR codes earned a college student nearly $25k

qr codes bitcoin

Simply by waving a sign with a quick response code in the air while in an ESPN crowd, donations were made. On ESPN’s “College GameDay”, which is a college football program from the station that is filmed every week at a different college campus, a student held up a sign featuring QR codes, the words “Hi Mom. Send” and a Bitcoin logo. This was all it took to have thousands of people interested in finding out where the barcode led. The QR codes clearly led to a Bitcoin wallet, so…

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Should political campaign signage include QR codes?

QR Code Signs

As the penetration of smartphones in the United States approaches 50 percent, the debate as to whether or not QR codes should be included on campaign signs continues to progress. Among the largest errors that can be made in the design of a campaign sign displayed on a lawn is to include too much content. This is because the average individual passing the sign will only spend a couple of seconds glancing at it. This makes QR codes an opportunity to offer additional information about the campaign, without taking up…

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Unemployed man uses QR code sandwich board in his job hunt

A Canadian man has found a unique new way to use QR code marketing, by printing one onto a sandwich board and walking the streets of Toronto in a desperate attempt to try to find a job. The man, 42-year old John Currie, is a motion graphics producer who is out of work and who decided to use this marketing tool to allow potential employers to scan the code to that they may view his website, on which his 2012 demo reel is accessible. Currie (twitter handle @thatQRcodeguy) explained that…

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Turkish soccer fans use QR codes to insult opposing teams

Soccer Fans QR Code wearable technology

QR codes may have risen to prominence because of their use in marketing, but the codes are famously versatile and are beginning to catch the interest of people all over the world. While consumers have become leery of the codes because of their ability to hide malicious content, they are growing more comfortable with using the codes themselves. This is particularly true in the world of sports, where fans have begun using the codes to sling insults at supporters of opposing teams. In Turkey, soccer fans have been using QR…

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Massive QR code taken down from busy freeway in Hawaii

QR Code Sticker

Department of Transportation workers took down a 16 square foot QR code posted on an exit sign found on one of the busiest freeways in Hawaii this week. The freeway was closed while workers dismantled the code, putting an end to what had been a stressful distraction for drivers. The code had been posted last week, though no one knows at exactly what time. The code took scanners to the website of UDOWN, a local fashion store. The company claims to have had no involvement whatsoever. As QR codes become…

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