QR codes allow QSR to provide truly fast food

Fast Food QR codes google glass

The appetite of these restaurants for quick response barcodes is proving to be a growing one. If there’s one thing that the top quick service restaurants (QSRs) have in common other than fast food, it appears to be the use of QR codes for a number of purposes ranging from mobile commerce and payments to marketing. Despite the fact that there are even newer technologies than the barcodes, they still have their appeal. Giants including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell are all using QR codes to help them in one…

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QR codes used by GM in Malibu rentals

chevrolet malibu QR codes

The auto manufacturer is placing the barcodes in certain fleets of Chevrolet rental vehicles. General Motors has revealed that it is now placing QR codes on the vehicles of certain rental fleets as a part of an overall marketing strategy to help consumers to learn more about these vehicles. The auto maker has not failed to notice the popularity and efficiency of the barcodes in marketing efforts. These QR codes have already been spotted in some of the Chevrolet Malibu rental cards that are being rented out through Enterprise. They…

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Walls 360 once again shows off the effectiveness of QR code promotions

QR Code Art and Marketing

Walls 360 leverages QR codes to create new promotional materials QR codes have become quite attractive for marketers and artists around the world. The codes feature a striking, black and white design that has piqued the interest of artists who are looking to create more interactive experiences. Recently, art and marketing have been coming together in the form of QR codes. Walls 360, a design firm specializing in wall graphics, has once again shown how art and QR codes can be used in a new campaign from ARTLOG, a contemporary…

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QR codes find their way into India’s club scene with mixed results from consumers

QR Code Tracking

QR codes are making their way to the clubbing scene in India. The Turquoise Cottage club in Delhi has begun using the codes as away to keep track of patrons. This is a new environment for QR codes, as they have been mostly used in marketing and promotion. Clubs regularly use stamps to keep track of visitors, especially those that are not of legal drinking age. The concept of interactive stamps is quite alluring to clubs as they will be able to use these stamps to engage patrons in a…

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QR code crossword puzzle links scanners to full-length movie

QR Code Used in Crossword Puzzle

As QR codes continue to grow in popularity around the world, new ways to use the codes are beginning to emerge. Svanes Kolding, an emerging filmmaker from Los Angeles, has found a new way to use QR codes that is quite different from how others are using the codes. To commemorate his movie, The Things We Keep, Kolding has fashioned a crossword puzzle out of the iconic design of a QR code. The puzzle is no small feat, as Kolding had to figure out how to make the puzzle functional…

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