USPS announces its first QR code stamps

First mobile scannable postage feature Edith Piaf and Miles Davis. The United States Postal Service has announced that it has issued new smartphone friendly QR code stamps that will include images of Miles Davis and Edith Piaf. This new postage that can be scanned using a mobile device was released on June 28. This new release also marks the first time since 1989 that France and the U.S. have jointly produced postage. In that year, it had been in honor of the French Revolution’s bicentennial. Both the Edith Piaf and…

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Datatech SmartSoft unveils its new QR code service for tracking mailers

QR Code service

The new MailSpotter Mail Tracking product gives the postal system a digital edge. Address verification and mailing software providing industry leader, Datatech SmartSoft, has just announced the availability of its new MailSpotter QR code service, which is designed to help marketers to track the progress of their mailers throughout the postal system. Through a combination of IM and quick response barcodes, the USPS raw scan data can be used for tracking. This way, as a mailer moves throughout the various postal facilities in the country, the software provides marketers with…

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QR coded postage comes to Croatia to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the postal service’s first stamp

QR Code Stamp

The national postal service of Croatia, the Croatian Post, has adopted QR codes for their latest series of stamps. Croatia is not the first to put the codes on postage stamps, but their use of the codes is somewhat unique. Where most other codes can be scanned for simple information regarding postal policies or to find special deals, Croatia’s codes can be used as a form of receipt confirmation and package tracking. The codes add another aspect to the postal service that, in turn, adds value to the experience of…

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QR code campaign from the U.S. Postal Service is a success

QR Code Postal Campaign

This past June, the U.S. Postal Service launched a QR code initiative in which the codes were attributed to nearly all standard mail. The initiative was part of a marketing campaign through which the postal service offered commercial mailers a 3% discount on first class and standard mailing options. Tom Foti, manager of marketing mail for the agency, opted to adopt the codes for the campaign in an attempt to increase mailing volume. Initial reports from the agency show that the campaign may have been successful in its goals. The…

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U.S. Post Office doesn’t have much faith in QR discount campaign

US Post Office QR Code Discount

As mobile technology continues to bridge the gap between the online and offline world, a new use for QR codes has been found. Last month, The U.S. Postal Service proposed a program that would offer commercial mailers a discount if they used QR codes in their postage. The proposal has been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission, and will be put into effect beginning July 1st of this year. The Postal Service is among one of the first governmental organizations to encourage the use of QR codes. Commercial mailers making…

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