ConnectMe QR unveils its editor for barcodes and mobile sites

ConnectMe QR, a mobile marketing company, has just unveiled its new subscription service for a QR code package, as well as its mobile website. These new services are expected to receive a significant boost with the update of their advanced QR code and mobile site editor, called mCard. This is designed to help small businesses and individuals to create, maintain, and manage their own mobile marketing sites, providing them with the opportunity to compete within the mobile marketplace, which is an arena that is currently dominated primarily by large corporations.…

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Codee Software announces the release of its QR code product business edition

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Codee Software Inc. has announced that it has launched its first business product, which is called the Codee Business Edition and will help small and medium size companies to manage their QR code campaigns. The complete package includes the generation of QR codes, as well as analytics for their scans, and the management of mobile content of 10 unique barcodes. Moreover, it includes an unlimited number of monthly QR code scans. The product is aimed at companies that are hoping to take part in the m-commerce marketplace, which is currently…

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New QR Call Tracking solution released for code integration into tracking campaigns

Mobile Marketing Analytics

Phone conversion optimization company from the enterprise level, Mongoose Metrics, has become a top provider in call tracking solutions, and has now announced its latest QR Call Tracking solution. It made the announcement at the New York City eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. This new technology from Mongoose allows marketers to include QR code integration into their call tracking campaigns so that they can get the most out of the potential of their web and mobile device conversions. This new QR Call Tracking solution allows smartphone users to be connected to…

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Google recommits to QR codes with its acquisition of California startup Punchd


Google has had a rocky past when it comes to QR codes. The tech and search engine giant had once adopted the codes for its Places product, which allowed people to “check-in” at their favorite locations by scanning the codes with their smart phones. Earlier this year, Google discontinued its use of the codes, saying that they were neither viable nor attractive enough to justify the company’s support. Now, however, Google seems to have had a change of heart.  On Monday, Google announced that it had acquired a California-based startup…

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New report in…QR code scanning off the grid!

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Earlier this year, mobile marketing pioneer Mobio Identity Systems, released a report that showed QR code scanning grew by a staggering 1,200% in the last six months of 2010. Mobio’s report spurred rabid adoption of the code from businesses seeking to establish themselves in the burgeoning mobile marketing industry. Their rise to fame in the U.S. is similar to what happened in Japan during the advent of mobile technology: QR codes are now becoming a staple of marketing and can be found just about anywhere. The momentum is not likely…

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