Mobile commerce is booming in the Philippines

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The Philippines has become a major market for mobile commerce Mobile commerce is finding success in the Philippines. Euromonitor International, a business intelligence company, suggests that this is because of the growing smartphone penetration in the country. The Philippines is one of the countries in the Asian market that is leading the charge in mobile commerce adoption. This has to do with the growing number of young, tech-savvy consumers that are relying heavily on their mobile devices in their daily lives. Smartphone penetration is making mobile shopping more popular According…

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M-commerce benefits from massive smartphone penetration in the Philippines

M-Commerce growth

Shopping over cell phones has become very appealing to a young and newly connected population. Although the highest rates of smartphone penetration remain in more developed markets such as Singapore, it is within other countries such as the Philippines and Thailand that m-commerce is growing at the fastest speed. Despite the fact that smartphone penetration is lower, mobile shopping is rising exceptionally quickly. According to online shopping service Lazada’s CEO and co-founder Inanc Balci, “We are starting from a lower base because mobile phone penetration in the Philippines is still…

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