Study finds most Americans can’t distinguish between social media bots and real humans

Social Media Bot - Social Medai Platforms

Pew Research Center finds the majority of Americans believe these bots are used maliciously. A new study from the nonpartisan American fact tank has revealed that most Americans are not familiar with social media bots. Of the 4,500 adult Americans surveyed by Pew, while two thirds had at least heard of these bots, 34% said they were not aware of their existence. That being said, of those who had heard of the bots, 80% believe the accounts are used for nefarious purposes. The study gives insight into what the average…

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NFC mobile payments to replace cash and credit cards by 2020

NFC Technology

Mobile commerce set to become powerful force in financial world Mobile commerce is quickly becoming a formidable force in the world of business and finance. The emerging industry is powered by NFC technology, which can turn mobile devices into payment platforms. NFC has become a focus for telecommunications, credit and financial companies around the world because it could change the way commerce works. Mobile commerce is not free from skeptics, however, as many believe that NFC technology will never reach a point where it can replace traditional credit cards. This…

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